Pain vs. Sorrow

This is the post excerpt.


Sipping the coffee, I received a call from my friend, sharing that she is upset because she broke her favourite tea urn a week back…

As soon as we disconnected the call, I had a thought, ‘how easily we are driven towards the upset conditions…’ However, as usual, My Mindset 2 had its own opinion, ‘Are you kidding jerk? She must have felt bad, after all it was her FAVOURITE and a rare one (expensive too).’ And this time it was right; She must HAVE FELT bad… but the truth is; She is STILL FEELING the same, rather worst…
We often pore the blame of being upset or being in sorrow on the situations, circumstances, people (and their words)… list is quite long! Hey wait, are we befooling ourselves. Telling ourselves that pain is natural and inescapable but what is this sorrow all about.

You might find me a freak here but just quoting an incidence (Kindly ammend it as per your “circumstances”).

You wake up in the morning (Great on time). Ahaa your most liked blue shirt. After having a nice breakfast with a kadak masala chaye, you touch your parent’s feet, take their blessings, a bye bye kissi to your messy looking yet beautiful wife who tells you, ‘You are looking handsome today’ (Hey you are hiding your smile there). On your way TRAFFIC!!! doesn’t bother you… (Lucky you man). Here, you victoriously reach your office on time. 

Before you grab your seat and start your day, you get a msg, Mr. Dutta (no personal offence plz) your boss wants to meet you. With your contagious smile and a bright Goooood Morning, greeting you enter his room.

Boss to you: You have not been performing the way I expected.

(You to yourself: This doesn’t go with my day 😳)

Boss: You have still not submitted the report I asked for a week before.

(You: But I did everything else perfectly πŸ˜’)

Boss: You need to brush up your time management skills.

(You: Am I useless 😟)

Boss: However, don’t work on that report now. I asked Sharma to do it. He will submit it today.

(You: Sharma, tu to gya 😑… He wants to snatch my position 😀)

When you are leaving from room he calls his P.A. and says send the candidates one by one.

(You: I am getting fired 😡)

Pain in this situation is inexorable, if you dont’t feel it, change your job or get your medical tests done (Jokes apart πŸ˜‰) But, you exhaust your entire day on that too much productive 2 minutes conversation (claps), Re thinking, Re phrasing and Re understanding it time and again, making sure that we hurt ouselves to the core that the pain is overtaken by sorrow. 

However, the morning bliss had created an expectation in your wife’s heart that evening will be better. You reach home, she welcomes you with a loving smile on her glossy lips which you overlooked and ignored. She asks for dinner, you reply with a cold NO (for her it was a rude NO). FYI she made your favourite food and was waiting for you to have her dinner, anyways…

Now, your reaction has given her that mandatory pain which you had in the morning (If you remember, I am sure you do) and alike you she will be Re thinking, Re phrasing and Re understanding it time and again, making sure….. finally the sorrow of not being loved and valued. Thereafter, you will have a non communicated night, pretending to sleep, and enhancing your own set of sorrows.

Day 2; a gloomy one. You wake up late, shirt isn’t ironed properly due to the expected reactions flowing from the other party, no breakfast, you leave in rush shouting a Bye to all (as if its an obligation) and your wife closes the door of your home sweet home with a drop in her eye…. (You know the rest, All the best)

While discussing it out with her next day or next  week, both of you mutually come to a conclusion, it all happened because of Mr. Dutta!!!

Hold on, do you really mean that or its just an excuse?

Is this excuse for our partner or for our ownself?

Did we even realize what happened and why it happened? Do we ever try to realize?

Do we love to be the victim of circumstances and sympathize with ourselves?

Have we ever reflected upon MANY such instances where we created sorrow for ourselves?

Was my friend still in pain for that broken tea urn or she created sorrow out of it?

Pain is certain, I agree but, does sorrow equally holds the strength to a neccessity?

My equation to existence of emotions says NO…

“Pain is inevitable, but Sorrow isn’t”

Author: equationwithexistence

Me: A girl next door with extremely strong connect with the existence of emotions, relationships, feelings and life! I hope this impeccable bond with life will turn out to be inevitably beautiful in this blog... Nikita Khanna

23 thoughts on “Pain vs. Sorrow”

  1. Everything written here is true to life..the dilemna between pain and CHOOSING sorrow vanquished and this blog made that clear for the readers…commendableπŸ‘Œ

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  2. Wonderfully written! This gave me a great teaching- Pain isn’t a choice in life but sorrow cetainly is!! I’m quite sure that now me and all the readers are going to rethink before letting their pain turn into sorrow….. Commendable writing ma’am!

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Wonderfully written! After reading the title of the blog all I thought in simple words was- negativity, pain, depression and all the other things. But at the end of the page, my thoughts embraced and my mind changed and thoughts filled my mind with positivity…! Thank you so much ma’am, for teaching a great lesson and overwhelming us with your thoughts and opinions..!πŸ‘πŸ‘

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  3. Wonderful and insightful thoughts.
    This reading has given me strength to bear the pain and moving on in life with hope for a better tomorrow.

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  4. Wonderfully written
    As it is said by Inayat Khan that joy and sorrow are the light and shade of life, without light and shade no picture is clear, same goes with sorrow and pain , they are part of life but sorrow is one’s choice. And the above blog is an example of the same. Truely a good one………..

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  5. Hello,

    As i was traversing through your blog I found that there was a lot to read and fortunately, the readings were really good. Keep up the good work.

    Have great days ahead.

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  6. The way you distinguished pain and sorrow was brilliant. I think when we allow our pain to turn into sorrow, then it casts a shadow upon our lives. However, when we view pain objectively, we can learn from it and perhaps manage it better in the future, enough to even render some piece of advice to those in similar situations. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

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  7. The way your thoughts flow…from one pain to another hurt, culminating into subtle conclusions to be drawn by the readers is brilliant! Good going, you seem to be a natural writer. Do you write poetry?
    There are no sharing buttons? Let your reflections reach the world. πŸ™‚

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