So is mine… and I am sure yours’ too…

Even when I didn’t know what really love is (rather I still don’t know 😜 Excuse me that smile isn’t required, even you don’t know 😝)… Okay so even when I didn’t know what really love is I loved him… but never had the courage to say! So, today  I have something special for that first love… (especially for you girls)

Always caring but never controlling, Protective but you were never obsessive,,                      

Thanks for making me what I am, For assuring that I am strongly decisive

A soul who listens without a single word uttered, who loves me for my complex self,,                  

You always found me the most beautiful, I am blessed coz you cherished me for yourself…

Here I am to show my love tattoo permanently etched in my heart, Wow! What a sight of that smile that it will bring,,                                             

I infered it to be obvious, and never ever expressed,, My first love whom I seldom said, “I love you PAPA for everything“…

Days when we didn’t see you from Sun set to rise, those weeks are still fresh yet gloomy in my head,,                                                                         

We went to school when you were taking utmost required rest, and you came back when we were sound in our bed…

We do go for shopping now on our own, but, Whenever I move looking at the price tag, due to my financial mess 😂,,                                             

It reminds me, you bought me everything I smiled at,, But after understanding you better papa, I started smiling at these things less…

You never made us realise that your days also went low, the days when your pocket wasn’t too heavy,,                                                                       

My WISH wasn’t that important Daddy that, you did everything beyond your capacity…

For all the hardwork you have put in to make us what we are, I want to bow down and thank you from bottom of my heart,,                                     

For the tender discipline and love with zero demands, for being the warmth of summer Sun and blessing me to be your part…

Living our lives we often forget about your unsaid dreams, We never asked you what you wanted to be,,                                                         

One thing I know deep down my heart, you sometimes cry alone but never want us to see…

You left your ease to provide us an oasis of serenity, You never revealed papa that life has been tough to you,,                                                  

Its high time that we pervade you with opulence, let us manifest our love, as you deserve it too…

You rarely had any expectations or desires, except that cup of tea,,                                              

I am getting loved infinitely, but, leaving you was never easy…

I know you are always there with me or standing at my back, You are and will be my hero who can do anything for me,,                                      

but Did I tell u, that even I can fight with this entire world, Coz that hidden tear in your eye, Is an intolerable thing to see…

I am proud and blessed to be your daughter!


Happy Father’s Day!!!

Just close your eyes and ask yourself it will tell you how much YOU love YOUR DAD

We often take our fathers forgranted because they never said that they wanted our love or pamperness but trust you me behind that foundation setting strong and committed man, there is a soft hearted and tired father who wants you to tell him that, “What you have done for us no one can ever do…” He doesn’t want much but just sit and listen how he made you what you are, Just embrace and appreciate his success story… Go and thank him, you might get a cold reaction but the moment you turn, his smile and tears will be the most majestic combo on this Earth…

Discuss your problems with him coz he is the real Encyclopedia, and if he isn’t he can still do ANYTHING for you… His discussions, solutions, chit-chats, consultations might not make any sense to you, dont’t worry, even yours’ never did when you were a kid… He still gave wings to your imaginations, now he just needs your ears for his conversations…

So, my Equation with Existence with Relationship says;

“Kindly shower him with affection, coz he is least loved since long”


Author: equationwithexistence

Me: A girl next door with extremely strong connect with the existence of emotions, relationships, feelings and life! I hope this impeccable bond with life will turn out to be inevitably beautiful in this blog... Nikita Khanna

14 thoughts on “FIRST LOVE ❤️”

  1. Lucky enough to have him as my love forever too.. but i define him in a way that i hv nvr seen a man with this character and full of love in my life… a true gentleman.. and love the way u defined every detail abt him😘😘


  2. First love….. When we hear of this word we often relate it with a boy whom you met in high school or somewhere in college and fell in love with…… But we actually forget that man who we saw the moment we opened our eyes standing right there- beside us and who loves us unconditionally since that moment though he may never have said it…… Thank you ma’am to again make us realize that our DAD is our first love and forever hero!!! Lovely thoughts expressed in a wonderful writing ma’am!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. First and I would like to say the last love
    No matter how much love n care I get from my husband but still he can never match the level of myour dad
    He is just simply amazing n d bond thato spcly a daughter share with her father is very well explained by u Nikita
    Love u dad ever n forever

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wonderfully penned. I could associate myself to each and every word.
    Everyone writes about mother but the efforts, skirmish & father’s love goes unnoticed. Those who choose to write about father are rarely able to interpret like this. More power to you👌 Keep on writing.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Beautiful!! Every girl has a first love which indeed is her dad who makes her feel important,beautiful and herself. A man who loves us no matter what takes place. A man who will a remain our SUPERMAN in all circumstances.
    A perfect piece of writing..truely remarkable and recommended for all the the daddy’s lil princesses’..! ❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I am not sure on what shud i b writting cause it indeed is a global fact that “superdad” is for “barbie daughters”
    Emotions penned are pure and heartful, reading this did give me flashback of my childhood memories.
    Proud of ur thoughts

    Liked by 1 person

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