Mischievous Memory Lane!

Travelling in Delhi metro can be real fun, epic people and their conversations.

After a long time when I got the chance to witness the diversified beings in Delhi, within no time I observed two well maintained mothers (may be in their mid thirties) discussing about fitness, diet and all. By the way a new learning; over night application of aloe vera gel on your tummy, keeps it in (What a fictious world ๐Ÿ˜€). However, as said MOTHERS, they were unwillingly carrying the baggage of 3 plumpy children too, a humpty dumpty boy on phone, a chubby cheeks girl again on phone and the not so small, lil one who tookover my seat in sometime as his big bummies required the space of two (No offense with the lovely kids). I hope the fitness conversations will help them too. Otherwise ‘gym to hain hi yaar‘!

While looking at these kids I couldn’t resist taking a flashback to childhood memory lane, trust you me  almost all the middle class children have somehow the similar one. Oops TRUST is a big issue these days. So, here we have some proven researches which will surely help out my above statement.

-A big polyethene bag with smaller ones in it.

-A Godrej almira

-Chawanprash in winters and Nycil in summers

-A file carrying your report cards

-Your mom’s bed box rather treasure box. That still has your childhood pullovers, pardon sweaters made by your nani or dadi which mom has kept for your children.

-That irritating sibling who says Hanji to whatever mummy papa says. (Its only to make number, and in our family it was me)

-That chhoti or badi massi with whom mom talks about everything but pretends that they only do idhar udhar ki baate.

-The cell cover of remote which got too loose that had to be supported with cello tape.

– Cold drink bottles converted as water bottles in refrigerator.

-A friend whom your mom wanted you to boycott with because he/she was nalayak (not academically good) but your mother never knew that his mother also has same cordial thoughts about you.

-The mop which used to be your t shirt which once became your holi costume also.

-The coins kept under a newspaper turned shelf cover in kitchen.

-Most important, turning off the flame after 3 whistles of the pressure cooker (Mission Impossible)

This list is never ending and I am sure now we are sailing in the same boat. The children of present generation will never be able to experience all this. I am not in comparison mode. But the skills we got from our childhood were indispensable. Yes, you read it right SKILLS. Oho! trust me we got many. My bad – No trust, fine let me pile up some instances here…

Money management: Prioritizing the wishlist in a way that we can buy maximum utility things from those 5 rs.

Investment is the subject matter of solicitation, read all the documents carefully before investing: This was taught to us initially. Our ashthami savings which we counted almost ten times used to be given to mom for safe custody. (None of us got it back).

Conditional Working: “I will finish the H.W. of two subjects but then I will go to play.” Moms were never too easy to convince so we had to crack these business deals every now and then.

Optimum Utilization of resources: Remember that polyethene bag being used as head cover on a rainy yet playful day.

Time Management: Eating lunch by the end of first period to utilize lunch break’s time productively ๐Ÿ˜‰

Bull’s eye on the Target: We had a supernatural power of finding the candle at electricity cut off without using the mobile’s torch or backlight… (Now, that power has no existence even amongst us).

Equality: Mom dividing the ice cream brick absolutely equally amongst all… We learnt to treat everyone equally.

Handling trust issues: The video gamecassette that used to say 999999 games in it… We had no website to complaint so we accepted such distrustful acts.

Harmony– When we fought for remote….naaahhhh ๐Ÿ˜œ When mom taught us there is no tera mera everything in a family is humara.

Being Diplomatic: Mom telling the relatives again and again at the exit gate house that the shagun to us was not required (Somebody plz ask that child, who actually wants to get those so called chocolates) and the moment they left mom used to take it and count too ๐Ÿ˜Š.

Attitude of Gratitude: Our mothers who handled us well and the house too sacrificing their own lives and our fathers who used to travel some 3  4 kms to their school on bycycle or while walking (I sometimes wonder why all the schools were too far away from everyone’s home, was that a govt norm to have school in a secluded area.) However, learning to pay gratitude to what they did for us made us what we are today!!!

Our childhood and the circumstances at that time gave us the lifeskills to execute today, thanks to those days!

Much love to our childhood coz,

“Hasrate to bachpan me hi poori hoti thi,

Ab to bs zaroorato me kat rahi hai zindagi!”

This time my equation with existence of memories says;

‘Cherish each day, worth making a memory’


Author: equationwithexistence

Me: A girl next door with extremely strong connect with the existence of emotions, relationships, feelings and life! I hope this impeccable bond with life will turn out to be inevitably beautiful in this blog... Nikita Khanna

3 thoughts on “Mischievous Memory Lane!”

  1. Smiling and being nostalgic…..It’s true that our days taught us so many things which is replaced by gadgets these days but one thing is still the same that moms today too are difficult to handle , after all mummy to mummy hai ๐Ÿ˜‰

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