15 out of 10 people ask this question quite often (Half of them ask this twice, once while meeting and then leaving). Yes, this is the most Frequently asked question FAQ from a married couple and their family. After how many months or years of marriage, it depends on the different types of stimulating social elements (ailments) around. In simple words, frequency of the concern for pregnancy depends on how busy are the aunties around…

The moment that married girl, her mother in law or her mom happens to be at a get together (good or bad) the first thing asked after getting a comfortable opportunity is Any Good News???

Which clearly means, post marriage expectations from you did not only include, diving into different feet, being dressed up, relishing everything made at home, laughing on silly jokes, asking about tea from everyone, minimizing phone usage, maximizing the usage of ‘hanji’, keeping your room prim and prom, waking up early, never leaving your wrists empty etc etc but also most importantly it included, having a baby ASAP!

You doubt??? How can you??? What else did you get married for??? You thought to have a life partner, awww poor girl, it was to make babies and to contribute in growing India (and its population)…

I know it isn’t anything to laugh on, but do these askers know? Have they ever thought logically about this affection and care loaded question? A couple who is married since a year or more,doesn’t have a baby. There can be only two possible reasons; they dont want to have it right now or they are not able to have it right now. In both the situations asker’s concern for a good news turns out to be pathetically irritating for the couple.

A couple trying to conceive but not able to, replies, ‘We aren’t planning!’ Coz they dont want to disclose their medical concern and finds it easier to get counselled to have a baby, which tends to hurt them more. The other couple who isn’t planning right now, is sick of the lectures and plans not to attend the gatherings. Still if its a complusion then, replies to the ever asked question as, ‘Sure sure aunty ji, you are absolutely right’ as if ‘Your wish is my command ma’am, note the date, we are goin to have a blast tonight…‘ Then there are the rarest who assemble all there audacity and say, ‘Its kind of personal matter.’ And here they are tagged as Anti-social. Trust you me if they gathered the courage to say this, they are not much bothered about SOCIETY.

Askers need to understand, if a couple doesn’t want to have a baby right now, then the so called counselling would work no wonders and if they are not able to, they must be checking out a doctor, that expert advice is not required though.

Why in our society, a couple living happily with their family or even if alone is not considered to be a complete family? (No offence to complete family holders, respect to all the parents)

Why a married girl’s promotion or achievement call stated as Good News is always mistaken as having a baby?

Why is it that a married girl puking or falling sick can only be a symptom of being pregnant? It can be hangover too…

Who decided that ‘right age‘ of being parents?

When did you last ask someone about their innerwear’s colour? Having a baby is more personal…

So, next time you ‘askers‘ ask for a good news, please be ready, as the Beckham girls these days might bend your question and give you a toss by saying;

Yes! I am due next month. I am sure you are done with shopping and all. I will whatsapp you my wishlist!!!


Well, I am not sure. Do you happen to be a vaginal prober to do a verbal ultrasound right away?
My equation with existence of Parenthood says, ‘Be a parent when your heart, mind, body, soul and partner is ready… coz its no social obligation’


Author: equationwithexistence

Me: A girl next door with extremely strong connect with the existence of emotions, relationships, feelings and life! I hope this impeccable bond with life will turn out to be inevitably beautiful in this blog... Nikita Khanna

17 thoughts on “Any GOOD NEWS???”

  1. In our country people have the habit of labelling woman especially the ones with brains. How can a woman challenge the stereotypes. So be ready for those labels as you dared to question.By the way while reading this I felt as if it was my personal experience. The only thing is I have already got too many labels so to avoid another one I decided to keep my feelings and thoughts private.

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    1. That is where we need to come out… The ones who give these labels are generally no one in our lives, and they matter and still give these labels then they must not be in the near ones category any more!!!
      However its the so called SOCIETY lets stay blessed to fight at our best…


  2. So true but we r living in a society where you can not stay away from these questions for long
    Aunties would keep on poking you everytime they see you
    And they always end up giving silly illustrations
    Have a personal experience where an aunty after knowing that I hv no plans yet told me that she knows somebody who could not conceive even after 5 years of her marriage and finally ended up getting divorced by her husband
    N I was like please spare me

    Not getting married next after that not having a baby soon is the major problem of the people who doesn’t matter much

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  3. Hey
    Thank you for taking the time to step on over to Love Relaished Ink. It’s wonderful to have your whimsical soul as a new companion on my long and winding road.
    From what I have seen of your blog so far, I’ve no doubt you are already finding writing a totally engaging and personally fulfilling experience. I hope the pleasurable company of words will always flow and follow you as you flow following the flow of your flowing path flowing into the wide blue yonder, and flow onwards towards the adventures that follow the flow beyond that…
    Best wishes. Take care always in all ways for always.

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