Stress: Necessity vs Choice

Stress: Such a familiar term that all of us can connect to it as a birth right. We have imbibed stress in our lives as an indispensable part. These days a girl not getting her favourite dress to a boy going for first date, from a mother attending PTM to a man in traffic, from a child waiting for exam results to an adult waiting for a business deal, everyone, very proudly commits that “I am STRESSED“. The more frequently we use this ‘S’ word, more we are getting adapted to its frequency too…

Undoubtedly, the complexities at work place, business, relationships, society and life is working as an add on. There are numerous ways to manage stress which are suggested on internet, by elders, free advisors like maintain a healthy life style, time management, meditation, fun classes, relationship councellors etc. But is stress so vital to invest so much time, strength and energy into it. Few thoughts cropping through mind to UNDERSTAND it better.

# Concrete vs Abstract: Many a times we linger on to a concern where the source is abstract. We stay clueless about the concretization of the base of our stories but our ‘stories‘ tense the situation to an extend that we are left with only stress but not a reason.

# Worrying vs Caring: Your son is late for home and the handy gadget; mobile is off, the very first thought that pops in your mind is something negative, ‘I wish all is well with him’ and while visualizing the most negative part, you are left with anxiety which doesn’t allow you to think that he might be clubbing out with friends and we dont even tend towards calling his friends, rather you sit to pray, for a guy enjoying “Despacito” and “puffs”. Abstract reasons always lead to worrying…

# Permanent vs Temporary: Once you find the source, you need to reflect on same. Is it something to which you will look back after a month and regret to burst your wealth, health, moments, relation… on something which was not worth it. Life isn’t 20 20 that you need to play each ball, its a test match, so leave few concerns disguised as balls untouched. At the end maiden overs will stand no where in front of your centuries.

# Cribbing vs Solving: Its absolutely human to crib about things going bad. It may be your fat or job, your finances or spouse, your parents or children and so much more. Just imagine, what if we chanalize ourselves towards a solution if not solution then at least the proposal towards the solution…

# Accepting vs Embracing: We need to understand the thin liner between the two. You accept a situation, person or concern with a regret and thats where we leave it unattended which further leads to stress. Yes! not everything can be changed but at least accept what you have and work on it to make it better, EMBRACE your life and its concerns.

# Worst or worst than that: The moment we become far sighted enough not only to view the worst a situation may bring, but also strong enough to get ready to embrace the same, we are half way done to overcome it.

# Technique vs Toolbox: They say that typical symptoms of stress are eating alot, impulse spending on something and driving fast but, that might be your best way of relieving stress. So, No blog, counsellor, friend, search engine can ever give you the actual technique to handle stress. Its you who needs to create your own treasure box with eminent and immense techniques to catch hold on your wild animal; MIND. It may anything from listening music to taking the biggest decision of your life with a scotch glass in your hand.

My equation with existence of being Anti-stressed says,
“Concerns are as important as comfort, deal with them and NEVER LEAVE WHAT YOU LOVE DOING”


Author: equationwithexistence

Me: A girl next door with extremely strong connect with the existence of emotions, relationships, feelings and life! I hope this impeccable bond with life will turn out to be inevitably beautiful in this blog... Nikita Khanna

14 thoughts on “Stress: Necessity vs Choice”

  1. The author has wonderful connected with the audience through her magically woven words. She explained the today’s reality with such ease. Three rounds of applause for the author, wonderfully articulated, indeed a gem you are

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  2. No doubt that each and evry word is so apt.. We have surrounded us with so many materialistic things that if something is not going the way we want we get in stress rather I say depression.. Thanks to you for writing such an amazing piece of advice to deal with the ongoing situation..

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